File Not Opening?

If your file is not opening the solution is simple. Your file needs to be converted to another format. Here is a list of most common eBook formats and which one is best suited for you. Simply upload your file, hit convert and re-download it. Very simple.

PDF- Universal file format, will open on almost devices and operating systems. To convert any format to PDF click here to get started. 

EPUB- Ideal and most common eBook format (what we sell). Very simple to use on eReaders and Apple products (iPad, iPhone, Macbook) files will open with iBook App Automatically.

MOBI- Works with Kindle products. Simple convert your file to MOBI format and it will open on your kindle. To convert files to MOBI use the same website we use by Clicking Here. Simply click and drag, hit convert then just download again! 

If for any reason you are unable to convert your file or need your file converted by us. We will convert the file and re-send it to you with no charge or hassle. email us at