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A Turn of Fate By Ronica Black (eBook)

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Ronica Black

Nev Wakefield is happy working as a blacksmith on her sprawling ranch, until one fateful evening driving home her past comes rushing back, literally running her off the road. Kinsley Padovano escapes to a spiritual retreat only to just miss a collision with Nev, a woman she never expected to see again.

Twenty-five years before, Nev and Kinsley shared a heartbreaking loss when Nev’s twin and Kinsley’s best friend, Vivian, died in a plane crash. Nev was left alone with parents too caught in their grief to notice her, and Kinsley was propelled toward a career as an aviation expert.

Now, Kinsley’s retreat is right next door to Nev’s ranch, and they’re continuously thrust together as undeniable attraction becomes too irresistible to ignore. Can they overcome the pain of their past to turn fate around?

Year: 2021
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781635559309
File: PDF, 1.8 MB