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Liar Liar By James Patterson (eBook)

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James Patterson, Candice Fox

With her life on the line and nothing left to lose, Detective Harriet Blue runs from the law — and a vicious killer — in this thrilling New York Times bestseller. 

In the space of a week, she has committed theft and fraud, resisted arrest, assaulted a police officer, and is considered a dangerous fugitive from the law.

It's all because of one man, Regan Banks. He killed the only person in the world who matters to Harriet — and he plans to kill her next.

As she recklessly speeds toward the dark side — and finally crosses it — Harriet won't stop until Regan pays for the many lives he has taken.

Language: English
Year: 2019
ISBN 13: 9780316418249
File: PDF, 1.9 MB