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Poet Warrior (eBook)

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Joy Harjo

Praise for Joy Harjo and Crazy Brave

"Joy Harjo has always been able to see with more than her eyes. Her writing is a testament to this gift…Her hero’s journey is a gift for all those struggling to make their way."
— Sandra Cisneros

"Joy Harjo is a giant-hearted, gorgeous, and glorious gift to the world. Her belief in art, in spirit, is so powerful, it can’t help but spill over to us—lucky readers."
— Pam Houston

"Insightful…Crazy Brave brings one of our finest—and most complicated—poets into view…Raw and honest."
— Jack Shakely, Los Angeles Review of Books

"Harjo is a magician and a master of the English language…[S]he knows how to navigate the rough waters of silence, exile and cunning."
— Jonah Raskin, San Francisco Chronicle

"A…saga about the survival of spirituality and creativity in the face of generations of racism, dispossession, and familial dysfunction…[F]antastic, terrible, and beautiful."
— Rebecca Steintz, Boston Globe

"Harjo gives readers a glimpse into her own mythic life moments: waking dreams that result in some of her most evocative and important poems. Harjo’s poetry, woven throughout, makes this memoir a must-read for her fans and a fascinating door into her world for those new to her work."
— Elizabeth Wilkinson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Year: 2021
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780393248524
File: PDF, 27.8 MB