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Pride and Premeditation (eBook)

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Tirzah Price

Pride and Premeditation is the fresh and fun spin on a treasured Jane Austen classic we didn’t know we needed. Rather than getting married, 17-year-old Lizzie Bennett is set on becoming a barrister just like her father. When Charles Bingley is accused of murder, Lizzie takes it upon herself to prove his innocence and her legal prowess. Twists and turns abound in this delightfully authentic, yet still utterly original reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice.

Perfect for fans of the Lady Janies and Stalking Jack the Ripper, the first book in the Jane Austen Murder Mysteries series is a clever retelling of Pride and Prejudice that reimagines the iconic settings, characters, and romances in a thrilling and high-stakes whodunit.


When a scandalous murder shocks London high society, seventeen-year-old aspiring lawyer Lizzie Bennet seizes the opportunity to prove herself, despite the interference of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the stern young heir to the prestigious firm Pemberley Associates.

Convinced the authorities have imprisoned the wrong person, Lizzie vows to solve the murder on her own. But as the case—and her feelings for Darcy—become more complicated, Lizzie discovers that her dream job could make her happy, but it might also get her killed.

Year: 2021
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780062889805