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Temptation After Dark (eBook)

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Marie Force

Cooper James and Gigi Gibson take the lead in the next Gansett Island novel! Find out what happened on their crazy first date and whether these two can make a go of it after Gigi finishes shooting her show on the island. It's time to head home to LA, but will Cooper give her a good reason to stay?

 You'll also hear more about what happens with Cooper's brother Jared and his wife, Lizzie, who've had a baby come into their lives under less-than-ideal circumstances. Are they in for more heartbreak or will the baby be the start of a new chapter for them?

The summer is winding down on Gansett Island, but you can count on plenty of hot days and steamy nights ahead before the winter sets in.

Year: 2021
Language: English
Series: Gansett Island
ISBN 13: 9781952793783
File: PDF, 2.0 MB